Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Weekend At Riverview & The Wrap-Up Of "Money 911"!

With Phil Herrington at
Pathways 20th Anniversary
Hey there!

Before I dive into last Sunday, I want to give my friend Phil Herrington a special congratulations.  His Church, Pathways, celebrated their 20th anniversary at West Hills High School two Sundays ago.  I wasn't able to attend the service ('cause I was preaching at my own), but I did race right over as soon at Riverview let out, so that I could congratulate him personally.  It's nice to be in a community where other Pastors are doing everything they can to love their city, love their Church, and lead them to a closer relationship with Jesus!

I really enjoyed this last series we did at Riverview, helping people get a new understanding about how God views money, and how we should best manage what He's given us.  I got lots of stories from people who are excited about starting out on a new path with money, and are committing to "doing it right"!

We did wrap up the series with a message called, "Getting Ahead At Work".  We spent some time talking about Joseph (Genesis 37-39), and how God used him to do great things, even though Joseph had a string of "dead-end" jobs (shepherd/slave/prisoner) before he was promoted to Prime Minister of Egypt.  We learned that when God closes one door, He'll open up another one...but it's hell in the hallway!

One thing I didn't have time to cover was something I learned from Rick Warren, about the "Laws Of Promotion". I'll just hit them quickly here:

1. Promotions aren't given as a reward...they're given in faith of your future performance.
2. If you're more valuable where you are, you won't get promoted.  Irreplaceable people don't get promoted.  The key is to train someone else to know how to do what you do!
3. If it costs more to replace you, you won't get promoted.  Your boss will just hire someone else for less (in the area you want to transfer to).
4. You will only get promoted if your employer thinks you will benefit THEIR future more with you in a new position.  They're not thinking about your past.
5. If you are working in a job that becomes unimportant, you become more unimportant.
6. Promotions aren't based on how good YOU are.  They're based on WHO KNOWS how good you are.

As always, if you can't make it on Sunday's, you can hear the sermons at Riverview at

Also, we're kicking off a new series this Sunday called, "The Most Interesting Man In The World".  We're going to take between now and Easter Sunday to talk about the life of Jesus Christ, the kind of Man He was & is, and what we can learn from that for our own lives.  Do your best to not miss a Sunday, and bring someone with you!

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