Monday, January 28, 2013

New Series At Riverview: Money 911

It's happened to everybody: You go to the ATM to pull out money, only to find out, that you've got none.  "Where did it all go?" you wonder?  Or you find out that you're overdrawn in your checking account...again.  You'd transfer money from your savings account, but you already did that last month, and now that account is drained too!

How can you ever hope to get ahead, when every time you turn around another bill is due, and another kid needs braces?

Believe it or not, God has A LOT to say about money!  Did you know that the Bible talks about prayer 500 times, and faith 500 times?  The Bible talks about money more than 2,000 times!  Jesus talked about money in 16 of His 38 parables, and in 1 out of 10 verses in the Gospels.  Money isn't just a big deal to you, it's a big deal to God too!

So for the next few weeks in February, Riverview is going to tackle this topic head on!  Here's what we're going to talk about:

  • February 3rd - "How To Build A Solid Financial Foundation"
  • February 10th - "The Habits Of Financial Health"
  • February 17th - "Take This Job And... LOVE IT!"

Mark these dates on your calendars, and we'll see you at Riverview in the month of February!  Learn how to get out of debt, save for the future, and live like no one else...God's way!

Services are 9 & 10:30am
Cajon Park School - 10300 N. Magnolia Ave - Santee, 92071

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