Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Weekend At Riverview & The BIG Announcement!

Last Sunday only left us with 22 shopping days before Christmas, and I still haven't quite started knocking things off my list.  No doubt, I'll "get around to it" soon enough.

We had a great weekend at Riverview.  I love it when my own friends (that I've invited repeatedly) show up, and enjoy it enough to come back!  That's been happening a lot recently, and it's extremely gratifying to watch something you put so much blood, sweat & tears into, grow and develop into the thing you've been daydreaming about for a couple of years!

One of the highlights from Sunday was that I got to share that our Church will be moving into a home of its own in a few months.  Next Spring, Riverview will move into 8861 N. Magnolia Dr.  If you're from East County, you might remember it as "Mulvaney's" or "Wagon Wheel".  It's been a restaurant/bar in Santee since 1943...which makes it quite the historical landmark!

I love the idea of us moving into what-used-to-be a bar, because when you read the stories of Jesus, the kind of people that were His favorite to hang out with would've been the kind of people you'd meet in Mulvaney's on a Friday night.  No, a bar probably isn't a conventional location for a Church, but then again, there isn't much that's conventional about our we think it'll work out for us just fine.

Several of Riverview's members showed up to Mulvaney's on Sunday night to check it out, and to see how much work is going to need to be done to make it functional for us.  We're certainly excited about the possibilities of what "could be"!

It'll take a couple of months to get all of the permits approved, and the internal work done.  We plan on "Grand Opening" on Easter Sunday, 2013.

December is going to be a great month at Riverview!  We're collecting unwrapped toys for boys & girls from ages 8-10 this Sunday, December 9th, to be wrapped and delivered by our friends, Santee Santa's.

On Thursday, December 13th, on the corner of El Nopal & Josie Jo at 6:30pm, we're gonna show up with our jackets and hot chocolate, and walk Starlight Circle, and look at Christmas lights.  If you're reading this, you're more than welcome to join us.

Two more things:

1. Sean McDowell is speaking at Riverview on December 16th.  If you've ever struggled with believing in the reality of God's existence, or the accuracy of the Bible, you DO NOT want to miss Sunday, 12/16.  He's speaking at both the 9am & 10:30am services.

2. Christmas Eve is right around the corner, and Riverview is the place for your family to come and celebrate!  You can choose from either our 3pm or 5pm services...and both service will be just under an hour, helping you get to Grandma's house for dinner on time!

Love you, friends.  Have a great week!  I've got to get to Christmas shopping!

Pastor Todd

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