Thursday, June 11, 2015

Todd's Big Announcement - Pt. 3

Imagine for a moment…

You feel a pain in your chest.  You can’t breathe…you can’t move.

Someone notices and calls 911.  People crowd around you, encouraging you to stay calm, that help is on its way.

The ambulance picks you up, and rushes you to the hospital.  It’s deemed that you need an operation immediately.  There’s a severe blockage in your arteries.

You’re taken to the O.R.  The anesthesiologist is called in.  As the nurse is prepping you for surgery, she says, “Good news: our hospital has the best heart surgeon in the country…you’re in good hands!”

You start to feel drowsy from the anesthesia, when you hear the surgeon enter the room.  You can tell he’s in a panic.  “Where are my tools?” the surgeon barks.  “All I have here is a rusty exacto knife & some pliers!”  Then what he says next strikes fear into your artery-clogged heart: “Oh well, this’ll have to do…”

You try to sit up in objection, but it’s too late.  You’re out.

Here’s the point: You can have the best doctor medicine has ever seen.  But if he doesn’t have the right tools for the job, you’re in real trouble!

Same goes for the guys in my field: Pastors.

It doesn’t matter if he’s the best expositor of scripture since Charles Spurgeon.
It doesn’t matter if he’s got the bedside manner of Mother Teresa.

In today’s day & age, it takes more than good preaching & pastoral care to reach a community far from God.

That’s why I’m launching my first ever kickstarter campaign on Monday, June 15th.  I have put in a book, the 6 fundamentals every Pastor needs to know & use to better fulfill the Great Commission in their city.

And I need your help.

I want to get this book (that I’ve called “The Church Playbook") into the hands of 100 Pastors.  And if you’ll donate $20.00 on Monday, I believe we can CRUSH this goal in ONE DAY!  You can have The Church Playbook sent to a Pastor you know.  And if you don’t know a Pastor personally, believe me, I know plenty that I can send one to on your behalf.

But it’s going to take ALL. OF. US. to make this happen.

I’m going to send you one more post on Monday with the link to my campaign.  It would mean the world to me if you’d support this effort!

Excited for Monday.  Grateful for you!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Todd's BIG Announcement - Pt. 2

I have to start out by saying, “WOW”!
Thank you so much for all of the supportive calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages.  What I didn’t know when I originally posted about this last week, was how many of you attend the kind of Church I so badly want to help!
And the truth is, if we can help one Pastor get better, one Church will get better.
If we can help 100 Pastors get better, 100 Churches get better.
And if enough Churches get better, than a community gets better.  If enough communities get better, so does a city…state…country…etc…
It’s how I believe we change the world: One Pastor, one Church, one community, one city at a time.
A while ago, I learned that more than 90% of American Churches have less than 100 people that regularly attend each week.  And if we’re honest, a lot of us like small Churches.  We like to at least feel like we know everybody, and that everybody knows us.
But here’s the downside: When you have less than 100 that attend your Church, (whether you know it or not) your Church is always struggling.  It’s tough to make sure that the mortgage and the utilities get paid every month.  The Pastor usually isn’t paid a fair wage, which means that he or she is bi-vocational…which means that they’re not spending the best hours of their day studying for their Sunday sermon.  It means they’re not developing volunteers. 
Most important: They’re not leading the Church forward.
And if the Pastor is struggling, there’s a very good chance your Church is struggling.  And if enough Churches are struggling, then guess what: so is the community they’re in.  And if enough communities are struggling, so is their city.  And so on, and so forth.
So a few months ago, I was in my home office (I call it the “War Room”), and I wrote this statement on my 4’x8’ whiteboard, followed by a question.  Here it is:
“90% of Churches have less than 100 people that attend each week.”
“…what if we could double that?”
What if 90% of Churches had 200 people in them, instead of 100?  Here are a few ideas of what could happen:
  • The Church’s annual budget would more than double.  Things like mortgage & utilities wouldn’t be such a burden.
  • The Pastor wouldn’t have to be bi-vocational anymore.
  • The Church could afford quality children & youth staff.
  • The Pastor could spend the best part of their day working on their Church, and not just in it.
  • The Church would be on mission.  We would see more lives changed by the Gospel.
  • If we could double the amount of people that attended 90% of American Churches, IT. WOULD. CHANGE. OUR. COUNTRY.  We would see a legitimate revival in our day.
It was from this one question that God gave me the idea for “The Church Playbook”
Here’s the thing: Bible Colleges & Seminaries are helpful to teach Pastors how to teach the Word of God.  There just isn’t a lot out there that teaches a Pastor how to take their Church from 100 to 200.
The majority of Christian leadership books out there are written by Pastors who lead Churches in the thousands.  For many of them it’s been 20+ years since their Church had less than 100 people.  Some of the most popular Pastors today, have never even had that small of a Church!
A Church could send their Pastor to a conference…and there are a lot of great ones out there.  But many of them cost anywhere between $300-$1,000, and that’s just not in the budget for many Churches!
There are some great coaching programs that cost just as much, even though you can break the payments up over several months.  But here’s what I’ve found: A lot of these coaching programs are led by former Pastors, who have been retired for many years (methods have changed since 1990), or guys who have never even been a Sr. Pastor!
And then there’s “The Church Playbook”.  I’ve written this manual for Pastors who want (and need) to jumpstart growth in their Church, but don’t know where to start.  Not only have I been a Pastor for nearly 20 years, but here’s the thing: Everything that’s in “The Church Playbook”, I’m doing right now in my Church!  This isn’t theory.  These aren’t just ideas.  This is what’s working right now.
That’s why I’m launching my Kickstarter campaign on Monday, June 15th.  For every $20 donation that comes in from people like you, I can print & ship this manual to a Pastor who really needs help, hope & encouragement.
My goal for this campaign is to get “The Church Playbook” into the hands of 100 Pastors.  That’s it.  And I really believe that we do this is ONE day…if you will commit to help!
By the way, there will be different packages you can choose from.  You can get 1 Church Playbook for a Pastor.  There’s also a “Get 1, Give 1” option (the price is better).  Packages can be purchased in quantities of 3, 10, 25 & 50…and the rewards that come with each level are very cool!
So, if you haven’t already, would you pull out your calendar, and write down on Monday, June 15th, “Support Todd’s Kickstarter Campaign”?  It would mean so much to me!
Look for one more email from me before the campaign starts.  Thank you to all of you who have already sent messages of support…I am truly encouraged!
Love you all,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Todd's BIG Announcement - Pt. 1

There are 300,000 Churches in America.

4,000 of them die, and close their doors for good every year.

And I’m sick of it.

4,000 Churches a year have a funeral and then put a “For Sale” sign out in front.

One half of all the Churches in our country are between 65 – 115 years old, which means that whether or not you attend a Church regularly, your grand parents probably did.   Your great-grandparents not only attended a Church, but probably helped build one ore more of them.  I’m talking about a good old-fashioned barn raising!

And just like our grand parents, and great-grand parents, their Churches…our Churches are dying.

I met one Pastor a few weeks ago.  He’s in his 70’s.  Most of the people in his Church are in their 90’s.  He told me, “Todd, all I do these days is bury my Church Members.”

And the thing that kills me is that we live in a time where the message of Jesus Christ is more relevant than ever, but the vast majority of our Churches have lost their relevance.

And to be honest, I was starting to feel like that was happening in my Church too.

About 3 years ago, the Church I lead was stuck.  Actually, we had been stuck for several months.  I would work longer and longer hours, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  And then football season came.  And since I coach football, which is like adding another full-time job to my already full-time job, I had less available time to work evenings and weekends on my Church.  Add to that my involvement different city events, and committees I sit on.

But after a few months, the weirdest thing happened.

My Church got “un-stuck”.

At first, I didn’t understand why.  I was just glad that my Church started growing again.  But after awhile, I realized that the reason my Church got un-stuck, was because I had (accidentally) begun to lead my Church, like I coached my football team.

I found out that the things I had to do every week to get ready for Saturday, like getting the field ready, picking the right plays, creating a practice plan, prepare for the whole season, game plan for the upcoming game, and then game plan for the BIG game, were the things I started doing to get ready for Church on Sunday!

And it worked!

Not only was my football team winning games (and went to the playoffs), but my Church team was winning again too!

So here’s the deal…

…I’m done.

I’m done with hearing about another Church closing down.  I’m done with Churches holding their own funerals & selling off their property.  I’m done seeing Pastors struggle to reach a 21st century culture with 20th century methods.  I’m. Just. Done.

So…I wrote a book.


I’ve put together a small, easy-to-read, easy-to-do manual for Pastors called, “The Church Playbook”.  It outlines the 6 things they need to do to jumpstart growth in their Church, and break some of the toughest barriers their Church is facing today!

It’s not meant to be read and then done.
It’s meant to be done while being read.

Now, 99% percent of you reading this post are probably thinking, “Todd, what does this have to do with me?  You know that I’m not a Pastor.”  You’re right.  But here’s the thing: You probably know one.  And they need this playbook.

So (aaaand here’s my BIG announcement)…On June 15th, I’m launching my first ever Kickstarter Campaign.  And my only goal is to get The Church Playbook into the hands of 100 Pastors.  That’s it.

And I’m asking for your help.

On June 15th, would you consider making a $20.00 donation, to get The Church Playbook into the hands of a Pastor you know, or donated to one you don’t?  $20.00 is enough to have The Church Playbook printed and shipped to a Pastor in need.  With your help, I believe we can CRUSH this goal in one day!

Over the next few days, I’ll send you some more information about this campaign.  But for now, will you just do me this favor?  Go to your calendar, turn to June 15th, and write down “Support Todd’s Kickstarter Campaign”.  It would mean the world to me if you’d do that now!

Love you all!  Expect another post from me in a few days…